About us

Recognizing a need for a line of nutritional supplements designed by health care professionals, for health care professionals, Optimum Therapeutic Solutions was created.  Of utmost importance to the health professionals and patients served by Optimum Therapeutic Solutions is quality ingredients, efficacious doses, and company integrity.

Optimum Therapeutic Solutions remains committed to a Science Based approach and philosophy. Our products are developed utilizing research from evidence-based, peer reviewed journals and nutritionally minded healthcare providers.

Optimum Therapeutic Solutions delivers only highly effective, professional grade supplements. To achieve these goals, OTS adheres to these standards:


1)      Research-based formulas at therapeutic dosages


2)      Quality-Assured raw material ingredients (tested for potency and



3)       Manufactured in facilities that are fully compliant with current Good

          Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s), FDA, NSF, TGA, NPA


With hundreds of choices in the dietary supplement market, Optimum Therapeutic Solutions strives to be an ethical partner for healthcare providers and patients.

When you partner with Optimum Therapeutic Solutions, as a healthcare provider or patient, you receive the-highest quality formulas available and top-notch customer service. We know our healthcare providers want to help patients achieve optimum health.  We believe that providers and patients want formulas that are safe and really work. Our ultimate goal is being the partner that help patients strive for and reach their goals of better health and wellness.