Results Matter: Personalized Supplement Recommendations
Scientifically established, evidence-based supplement recommendations tailored for your daily routine.

About Optimum Therapeutic Solutions

Optimum Therapeutic Solutions, LLC began working with integrative and functional medicine practitioners in 2013. Rather than merely treating symptoms, the focus was on pinpointing and addressing the root cause; the results were immeasurable. Through constant communication with practitioners and patients, OTS quickly realized that existing supplements produced mixed results. It became apparent that the solution was to provide healthcare professionals and their patients with scientifically grounded, well-researched nutritional supplements, created by healthcare experts. From the very beginning, it has been our core mandate to ensure that only the best ingredients, at the right doses, would go into our supplements. The success reported by practitioners and patients alike has been immeasurable.


Our approach is deeply rooted in science and evidence from multiple research sources. We believe that the sincere effort and time that goes into creating supplements that work is worth more than trying a variety of supplements that offer meager results.

OTS offers a variety of professional-grade supplements and formulae to healthcare providers and patients. These supplements offset and correct nutrient depletion and provide support for ailing patients. OTS offerings range from essential vitamins to blends designed to support both male and female health, thyroid and adrenal conditions, blood-glucose control, and meal replacement.

The OTS SupplaRx software and OTS online solutions are designed to provide personalized supplement regimens for the best outcomes. SupplaRX offers detailed explanations of supplement recommendations, reasons for the recommendation, possible complications due to nutrient depletion dosing guidelines, and potential toxicity.

How is OTS Different?

Not only do healthcare professionals and patients receive the most-effective personalized supplements and recommendations that have exellent outcomes, we also offer a wide range of products that come with the OTSgurantee of nothing but the best.

With OTS, our clients can access the latest, most relevant health news, coupons and valued customer programs.

Our Mission


Provide superior services and products backed by science and evidence for the best possible outcomes.

OTS Vision


Employ our access to knowledge to empower patients and care providers with supplements and solutions to achieve health and wellness goals better.

Our Values


Integrity, Quality and a Better Life for You

The People Behind OTS


Jim Hrncir, RPh


In 1984, Jim founded Las Colinas Pharmacy, Compounding & Wellness Center in Irving, TX. Over the past four decades, he has become recognized as one of the pioneers of modern pharmaceutical compounding. Some of the many accolades Jim has to his name are Compounding Pharmacist of the Year by Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) 2017 and Independent Pharmacist of the Year 2022 by Pharmacy Development Services (PDS).


Howard Addison


Starting off in accounting and Electrical engineering, Howard entered the corporate world and served in senior management positions (CFO to CEO) for both private and public companies across diverse industries like oil field services and cable television. Howard is an established entrepreneur who has invested in microwave digital television, Caribbean resort operations, and software development and is currently the chief executive at Optimum Therapeutic Solutions.


Ryan Addison

Lead - Sales and Operations

Ryan discovered his interest in integrative and functional medicine while in medical sales. He has experienced firsthand the role nonpharmaceutical solutions play in improving patients’ overall health outcomes over his 20-year extensive experience and this is the driving force behind Optimum's operational excellence.