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Balanced Prostate Health

Product Highlights

  • Antioxidant Support
  • Inhibits unhealthy conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT)Supports Male Sexual health
  • Helps maintain healthy hormone balance in males
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Co-Enzyme Q10 (Optimum Absorption)

Clinical Application

  • Enhances Cellular Energy Production and Physical Performance
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Boosts Antioxidant Activity
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Balance
  • Promotes Neurological Health
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D3 10,000 + K

Clinical Application

  • Supports Bone Health by Promoting Carboxylation of Bone Proteins*
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health by Affecting Arterial Calcium Deposits*
  • Supports Healthy Blood Clotting*
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EstroBal DIM Plus (Hormone Balance)

Clinical Application

  • Supports Healthy Estrogen Metabolism*
  • Supports a Healthy Ratio of 2-OH:16alpha-OH*
  • Supports Detoxification of Estrogen Metabolites/Intermediates*
  • Supports Cellular Health in Estrogen-Sensitive Tissues*
  • Helps Protect Against Damaging Reactive Oxygen Species, DNA-Damaging Electrophiles, and Cytokines
  • Supports Antioxidant Activity with SGS*
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Male Optiplex

Product Benefits

  • Male Health Support
  • Helps Support Sexual Health
  • Promotes Healthy Cortisol and Dopamine Levels
  • Energy Support
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Melatonin 3 MG

Product Benefits

  • Regulates sleep and the body’s day/ night rhythmic cycle
  • Regulates body’s response from lack of natural light
  • Helps alleviate jet lag
  • May help stimulate the immune re-sponse
  • Supports a healthy level of stress hor-mones
  • Supports healthy antioxidant functions
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