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Optimum Hair/Nail Revive

Optimum Hair/Nail Revive features ch-OSA® (choline-stabilized Srthosilicic Acid) a clinically tested product to naturally supports the nourishment of your body’s beauty proteins by activating the enzymes used by collagen-generating cells. This patented choline-stabilization technology prevents polymers from forming and ensures the optimal absorption of OSA (Arthosilicic Acid). Combined with biotin, Optimum Hair/Nail Revive offers even greater support for healthy bone mineral density, bone flexibility, stronger nails, increased hair thickness, and may even help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Osteo Absorb

Osteo Absorb is designed to team together with the other components of OTS's OsteoSure VG for optimum absorption of strontium. Osteo Absorb is a groundbreaking‚ all-natural supplement that when taken with OsteoSure VG has been clinically proven to boost strontium levels to promote the formation of new bone while supporting existing bone material by hindering the breakdown of osteoclasts.

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OsteoSure VG

OsteoSure VG is an advanced‚ vegan-friendly, professional-grade formulation that provides superior bone health support. The unique blend containing micronized organic whole food calcium to ensure maximum absorption and over 70 naturally occurring trace minerals and phytonutrients is unlike any calcium supplement you've ever seen. Non-food-based calcium supplements may have negative impacts on arterial calcification‚ so OsteoSure VG utilizes a GRAS-certified plant source for an all-natural supplement without risking efficacy. Created with a patented form of K2 and Albion® magnesium, OsteoSure VG provides unparalleled bone health and absorption of calcium for maximum results. This unique formulation also utilizes essential nutrients for bone support and offers optimum outcomes when used with Osteo Absorb.

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