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Male Optiplex

Male Optiplex is a potent formula specifically designed to provide healthy hormone metabolism support for men. The combination of eight scientifically proven ingredients helps men maintain healthy testosterone levels and has been clinically shown to support energy and sexual health. Male Optiplex also supports the production of elements essential to well-being such as dopamine and cortisol.

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Methyl Optiplex

Methyl-Optiplex contains a vital synergistic blend of bioidentical and bioactive folates working together to metabolize homocysteine and keep you at your best more efficiently. Maintaining a healthy homocysteine pathway allows your body to produce important end products like taurine‚ cysteine‚ norepinephrine‚ and dopamine. These components are all essential for optimum health. With Methyl-Optiplex‚ you'll experience better detoxification‚ improved joint and cartilage structure‚ a stronger immune system‚ and a healthier brain.

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