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Phosphatidyl Serine 150mg

Phosphatidyl Serine 150mg is a potent supplement with 150 mg of non-soy, sunflower-sourced phosphatidylserine (PS) per capsule. Phosphatidyl Serine is an essential nutrient for supporting a healthy brain but can be difficult to obtain from diet alone. Phosphatidyl Serine 150mg is strong enough to keep your brain functioning the way it should!

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Phosphatidyle Serine features 150 mg of non-soy, sunflower-sourced phosphatidylserine (PS) per capsule. Phosphatidylserine is a nutrient that is essential for supporting the optimal functioning of our brains. There are no foods rich in phosphatidylserine; therefore, supplementation is the only way to support healthy levels of this valuable brain nutrient. Our bodies can make phosphatidylserine, but in far from ideal quantities; also, our natural production of Phosphatidyle Serine decreases as we age.

Phosphatidyle Serine helps support normal mental function:-

You form memories when a group of brain cells called neurons communicate with each other. Together, neurons create a memory of an event, such as where you left your keys, where you put the remote control, or where you parked the car. In order for memories to be formed and recalled, neurons must be able to talk to each other. Phosphatidyle Serine allows neurons to communicate more effectively; without it, such communication among neurons is difficult if not impossible.
As we age, most of us lose some of our memory function. Brain function is at its peak in our 20s, and then naturally declines throughout the rest of our lives. In our 40s we often begin to notice subtle changes in our brain function and memory. This decline may be caused by the depletion of nutrients that help maintain the integrity of the membrane of brain cells, which is the cell’s protective outer layer. Phosphatidylserine works by rejuvenating and strengthening this membrane, which helps support brain function and improves the absent-mindedness that can result from the normal aging process.

Phosphatidyle Serine and hormone function:-

Cortisol, the “fight or flight” hormone, is released in high amounts in response to stressful situations, whether they are physical, mental or emotional. Phosphatidylserine promotes healthy hormone levels by helping to normalize cortisol levels when the body is under stress.
Phosphatidyle Serine also supports normal testosterone levels. During intense exercise (where cortisol levels can rise), the testosterone-to-cortisol ratio tends to fluctuate because high cortisol levels impair the production of testosterone. Thus, PS supplementation helps to promote a healthy hormonal balance for those undergoing rigorous exercise. It is important to note that not all levels of exercise increase cortisol levels, as mild to moderate exercise programs are touted for their stress-reducing effects.

How to Use:-

  • As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.
  • As with any brain-energizing nutrient, phosphatidylserine is best avoided near bedtime as it may prevent sleep.
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