Whey Best - Chocolate

WheyBest is a great-tasting high protein, low carbohydrate functional food powder. It is made with an exceptional quality whey protein made from the milk of cows that graze on pesticide- and chemical-free, non GMO grass pastures in New Zealand, which is known to have one of the least polluted environments in the world. The milking cows are never fed grain, nor subjected to hormone or antibiotic treatments. This whey is instantized with sunflower lecithin (non-GMO), which helps it dissolve more easily in water and prevents foaming during blending. Made with non-GMO ingredients.
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  • Being a complete protein makes whey a protein of exceptional quality. Helps in exercise recovery
  • Support lean body mass – for pre and post workout.
  •  A diet high in whey protein can help with healthy weight management.
  • Can help with blood sugar management.
  •  General well-being.
  • Delicious chocolate flavor enhances the taste


The primary source of protein is Whey Best - Chocolate, an ultra-premium whey mix designed for bodybuilders and those looking to become fitter. It helps you bounce back from your training in no time. It consists of the following essential proteins:

  • Beta-lactoglobulin- Helps in combating pathogens.
  • Alpha-lactalbumin- Builds up the immunological defense.
  • Glycomacropeptide- helps in remineralizing bones and aids in digestion and metabolism.
  • Immunoglobulins- Improve body immunity against infections.
  • Lactoferrin- helps in the absorption of iron.
  • Lactoperoxidase- helps in fighting infections.
  • Lysozyme- has natural antibiotic properties.

Whey protein is derived from cow's milk (the cows are fed pesticide-free organic grass) and goes through several manufacturing steps before it is sold in stores as a powder, bar, or ready-to-drink beverage. Its amino acid composition is maintained throughout these steps, making it a perfect grain-free dairy protein. Over 20 dietary amino acids make up the protein-building components known as amino acids. Most of these amino acids are produced by your kidneys, liver, pancreas, and other organs. The EAAs are absorbed and utilized by your body more effectively from whey than other protein sources because it has the most significant biological value, or BV, of any protein.

Whey protein with chocolate flavor may help those who want to gain weight by providing a nutritional boost and allowing the body to absorb more calories. A long-term disease that requires nutritional supplementation is another scenario in which this becomes useful. Whey protein supplements are helpful if you have trouble getting enough protein from complete foods. Those with eating problems, such as a lack of appetite or difficulty chewing, might benefit as it can be a meal replacement.

Maintains blood sugar

Consuming a whey protein shake before a meal has been shown to lessen appetite and improve blood sugar control. When taken before high glycemic index meals, whey also helps keep blood sugar levels steady. Insulin production is increased, which helps to keep blood sugar from suddenly spiking.

Boosts energy

Whey protein boosts the action of leptin, a hormone that regulates energy balance, and increases glycogen, an energy source during exercise or strenuous activity. The ease with which the body absorbs and utilizes whey means that it may generate energy rapidly, aiding in a more natural means of enhancing stamina for diet.

Increases longevity

Whey protein may help lengthen life-span because it delays the loss of muscle mass that naturally occurs with age and improves nutrient absorption without causing an increase in appetite. This is significant since aging is associated with a decline in bone density, muscle mass, cell function, and digestive function.

Maintains and enhances heart health

Whey protein can support lower blood pressure, decrease arterial stiffness, and enhance lipid profiles. Protecting your muscles and assisting in weight loss are two ways in which it helps lessen cardiovascular risk. Obesity-related health issues like heart disease are mitigated by successful weight loss.

Strengthens and develops muscle

A high-quality whey protein supplement may help you meet your daily protein needs without increasing your caloric intake from sugars or fats. Eighty to ninety percent of its dry weight is protein, giving your body just what it needs to bulk up and recuperate rapidly for exerciserecovery and muscle support.